Running from the Clock

I know a young lady, who, when in junior high, despaired of her upcoming 13th birthday. "I'm running out of time!" she said. According to her, if something amazing was to be accomplished in her life, it should have been done already. Her big break on stage or screen, her award-winning speech, her dazzling genius - none of these could happen now, the way they happened in her dreams, because she was "too old." And if she were to play an instrument, do a backflip, speak a foreign language - she should have already learned how.

Most adults would laugh. We know plenty of folks who have accomplished spectacular things in their teens, twenties, thirties, and so on. But at the same time, we probably look just as ridiculous to the Watcher of the Universe. We fill our minds with limiting thoughts about our time here.

True, this life is fleeting. But telling yourself, "Time is running out!" does not foster creativity and passion. Rather, it creates panic.

Meanwhile, any art that you do make - with words, ideas, paint, movements, photographs - happens when you're in the present moment. And when that art is enjoyed by others, that experience, too, is resplendent with the "now."

Life is more than years, and accomplishment is more than a measuring of time spent doing something. Take a breath. Slow down.

You have plenty of time for what's important.

This Life Clock was created by Bertrand Planes. Each minute represents one year in a typical life. See, you probably have more time than you thought. Thanks to the ever fascinating Presurfer.

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