Thinking of all the right-brained individuals struggling to navigate the narrow passageways of Schedule and Order, struggling to keep from crashing in the violent headwaters of What To Do First. Some days, there is much deliberation and confusion. A poem, if you will, by the witty and charming Jeff of the Northwest.


by Jeff Englund

There is a man of twisted fate
whom God has given a twisted pate.
Within his mind, divergent halves,
the right and left like wayward calves,
stumbling and grazing separate ways
unhitched from mankind's structured days.

Guess that means we creatives have our own sorta schedule, order and grazing patterns.

Do you ever find yourself arguing with yourself? Confused by yourself? Thinking in two different ways at almost the same time?


  1. For me it's not so much an issue of which pathway to take ... my two brains happily collaborate to decide which ... but it's more of not recognizing any path at all, just the mud puddle I'm standing in, with nowhere to go, no first step to take.

  2. Good point, Morry. Thanks. We sometimes can't even see the path when we're in a certain mindset.


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