The Cup

Here's a Saturday night poem, by a Wildfire writer.

The Cup
by Randy MacLean

So, here I am again
on a Saturday night

attempting to put a cup of coffee
in the microwave
when somehow
I drop the thing

the cup shatters
coffee all over the floor

The cup came all the way from Virginia
a former girlfriend gave it to me
picked it up when she went back
to visit her family

in fact I just Googled to find out
what the Virginia state flower is.

The cup maker
made the outside of the cup
the shape of flower petals.
It's the American dogwood

mostly brown
with blue trim.
Even though it was about flowers,
it had a masculine feel to it.

Instead of a smooth surface,
the shapes of dogwood flowers
stimulating to the fingertips.
I liked the cup.

Often made me think of this girlfriend.
Only girlfriend since the marriage ended.
Two years and more since the relationship ended.

I need a new cup.

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