What Bucky Learned

Friday Paul and I were delighted to see Portland Center Stage's inspiring production about Buckminster Fuller, "The History and Mystery of the Universe."

I didn't know much about the man, other than he was some kind of inventor. The show swept me into the brilliant generosity of this man's thinking. A Harvard dropout, penniless at 32, Buckminster Fuller reached a point of having nothing to show for his life, nothing to give his wife and child. He contemplated suicide, an ocean swim with no return. Instead, he got an idea. He decided to think for himself.

Over his lifetime, he would become a famous designer, engineer, writer and lecturer, with over 40 honorary doctorates. The hub of his philosophy was that you and I are created to serve the Universe. When we channel thoughts and gifts toward others, our own needs are taken care of.

I've noticed that when I focus on giving, materials and resources flow to me. But when I focus on getting, I never seem to have enough.

Apply this to your art. What can you give through your creating? What truth, what beauty, what story, what practical help, what imaginary world? If you'll give it, seeking to improve this Universe, I promise that your path will take you to green and lush places.


  1. Another great set of questions for me this morning! I love your bits of inspiration and self-examination.

    Did I tell you that I'll be up there to speak in May? We'll definitely have to spend some time re-connecting! I need a Christi fix.:)

  2. Make sure to give me all the May details, Ren. Can't wait to see you.


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