A Writing Miracle

Remember the story that was absolutely awful, terrible, that I began a few weeks ago? I worked on it today, and everything came together. Actually, everything came together over the past several days, while I was cooking dinner or folding laundry or walking through the snow. I didn't touch the piece. In glimmers I began to see how to pull together the loose and ugly ends. I love what happened to it. (And believe me, it was dreadful such a short time ago.)

This kind of miracle only happens if you trust the writing process. Let me say it again: you must be willing to write badly in order to enjoy the transformation of story on the page. The muse will come to your rescue if you are diligent about putting yourself out there at the tips of those high and trembly limbs. Write it. Keep going even when a successful outcome seems absolutely impossible.

That's how you'll want to begin the New Year. Try something impossible.

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