Done or Undone

"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone." --Pablo Picasso

Mary Pat, who wrote most of her first book in 2008, and plans to finish in 2009, says, "The year is going to pass whether I write or not. I might as well write."
Living a creative life calls for constant reassessment of priorities. Time is passing. So if something matters to you, do it today.

We tend to lump all our tasks into giant-sized doings, overwhelmed by the whole book, the dreamed-of career, the end result, the art on the gallery wall, the perfect relationship. We forget that one page a day equals 365 pages a year. One sketch a day will mean 365 sketches. And one meaningful hour spent with a loved one adds up to 365 meaningful hours at the end of the year.

Surely there is something else you can put off until tomorrow.

What can wait? What can't? Make a list.

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