Not Ready Yet

From a journal entry a couple of years ago...

What scares me: my unwritten poems. They are alarmingly good. They are so good, I'd better not write them yet. In fact, they are so-o-o good, I'd better not write anything at all. Some of my future work's incredibleness might wriggle out onto the page when I am unsuspecting. Come to think of it, I'd better procrastinate all my writing, until such time as I can be brave and mentally prepared to face such beauty, such terrifying genius. I mean, it might be overwhelming. With all these extraordinary talents, I can't be expected to write as if it were an ordinary, everyday occurance.

So that amazing poem I'm going to write might see the light of day - next year.

Do you ever catch yourself "saving" your talent in such a silly way? Examine your logic and write it down to get the full, preposterous effect.

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