Ordinary Things Will Save Us

Ordinary Mondays. These are the days I blog about ordinary things. Nothing is too boring for an Ordinary Monday post.

It's the easiest thing in the world to spot an ordinary thing, write about it, and share it with you. We are surrounded with small tedium. It goes largely unnoticed until a person comes along with wide-open, wide-awake eyes to see. "Look at that paper clip!" (Or pencil eraser, toothbrush, three-legged stool, bar of soap, person humming.)

How completely our lives are transformed by the way we see ordinary things! Boredom vanishes like a ring around the kitchen sink. (Note to self: write about ring around the kitchen sink. Don't bother actually scrubbing it.) Seeing ordinary is seeing with wonder - and living here, now. Loving what is. Becoming immersed in reality rather than going to battle against it. Using what I am given.

Well, lookie here! God has brought me a .... white cat hair on a black sweater. Or a cassette tape. Or a plunger. I shall write about plunging...

Ordinary, onward!

Stop whatever you are doing and notice the details of your ordinary life, right now. Write them just the way they are.

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