There's slow writing and there's quick writing. I've made more posts this week is because I've given myself permission to do quick writing: it's sketchy, messy, stumbly. It facilitates getting the idea out there on the paper (or screen) as quickly as possible. Instead of thinking hard and long about the Wonderful Idea, you just sieze upon any old, ordinary thought.

Funny enough, my Wonderful Ideas don't get enough air time, because I am waiting for the hours-and-hours I think it will take to write them. I am waiting for the perfection and polish, the finesse and brilliance.

If you don't jog from day to day, you won't be running any marathons, and if you don't Quickwrite daily, you won't be writing anything of length. Nope, nohow.

Quick! Now! Write any plain, humble thought, and write it fast.

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