Just Getting It Out

Today I am a winner. Graciously I receive the "Just Getting It Out Award." Pushing past my inner drive for perfection (or something like it), this week I wrote one newsletter, two chapters of my book, eleven posts to my blog, and sixteen pages in my journal. Nothing I wrote was fabulous. This award isn't for fabulous. I'd like to thank . . . myself.

See, we reward ourselves the wrong way mostly. We withhold approval until that mythical day we produce perfection. Bah. If we will reward ourselves for just creating, ordinarily and daily, our inner artist will thrive, and we'll be that much closer to the masterpieces we hope to one day make.

I challenge you to use your talent, whatever it is, however rusty it may be. Writers: write ten pages of any kind of drivel, as long as there are recognizable words. You too can win the Just Getting It Out Award!

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