What I'm experiencing is blogging reluctance. The week tumbled by on Fast Dry Cycle, and it's time for the next load already. I've been intending to post a brilliant post, witty and incisive and insightful--when I get around to it. But I really don't want to work that hard right now, and besides, I don't feel the least bit witty or incisive or insightful.

Which is how reluctance is born.

One works up mentally how grand a production is expected, and it becomes larger and more glorious . . . until you postpone actually doing it. Anything you accomplish is sure to look paltry next to the perfection of your vision. And so rather than face disappointment, one procrastinates.

I've found the only way to overcome this kind of reluctance is with a mix of persistence, gentleness and nonchalance. The persistence comes into play as I remind myself, straight up, this is what I do and I'm not quitting. The gentleness is absolutely necessary, for without it, I'll be so unpleasant that I'll push myself in the opposite direction. And the nonchalance is my way of whistling casual-like, and looking away, hum ta dum, so that I don't take myself so seriously.

I might not ever create that brilliant thing I imagined. But neither will I avoid the work I need to do. In any event, I'll have something that exists in reality.

What are you reluctant about? Approach it persistently, gently, and with nonchalance.

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