Monday's ordinary thing is Tuesday. With the holiday, today's work week starts with Tuesday. This is a real opportunity for a day that usually doesn't get to start anything.

Tuesday is easy to be with: you've already eased into the week by the time it comes around. It's a great day for morning meetings, afternoons in the park, appointments, sunshine, and lunch - any kind of lunch. Tuesday is good for getting a haircut or a car wash, and buying flowers.

It's ordinary most of the time, but can be Valentine's Day or New Year's, or even Christmas, which makes it very proud. It loves being the Fourth of July: a good job if you can get it. All that fanfare makes it actually swagger.

Tuesday stays cheerful in spite of winter rain, rain, rain. Nobody complains too much about Tuesday weather; they barely notice.

Tuesday is so good-natured, in fact, it makes a pretty name for someone. Rarely do you name anyone Monday. The Rolling Stones song, "Ruby Tuesday," is only one of the ways Tuesday gets attached to a person's identity. And speaking of songs, what else but "Tuesday Afternoon," could inspire such a haunting tune as that by the Moody Blues?

What does Tuesday make you think of? Which day of the week is most like your personality?

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  1. Q: What 2 days of the week start with the letter "T"?

    A: Uh...Today... and...uh...Tomorrow?

    Old joke. I haven't thought about it. You make some good points. Now that I am retired I don't think much about it. I do like Monday mornings. Watching other people going to work.


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