Research now bears out: uncertainty is good for you. Poets know this. "Love the questions," Rilke wrote at the turn of the 20th century, and now, psychologists are finding that the ability to accept paradox, ambiguity and uncertainty is evidence of a healthy and creative mind. Studies have been done in the last decade showing that individuals who live with uncertainty have the most highly developed intuition of anyone.

What uncertainties do you have about your life, your writing, your art? Hold onto these, with all their tension. Paint them, sing them, weave them into a story.


  1. I certainly have my uncertainties. I don't know where that takes me creatively but it certain gives me the subject of frustration to dwell on. Expectations. Hopes. Fears. Cynicism. The emotions do flow. I jokingly refer to myself as the "ol' coot artist" and quickly point out my age (70), doing so on one hand to "show" I am honest about my age and dealing with it okay, and doing so on the other hand to minimize, if not hide, my fears.

    Age. The Biblical 3 score and 10. My creative need is to record this life. To somehow through words and images get it all down. I am grateful for this direction as it has focused much of my artist life. I am fearful because my days are statistically, realistically numbered in small digits and I have yet to a coherent presentation that both communicates positively to others yet satisfies my own egotistical needs.

    I have looked at several artist blogs and today I was looking at writing blog groups and your blog title "Kindling" caught my eye and interest. And your current post "uncertainty" thankfully "sparked" my few words here.

    I will check you site more.

    Thank you.

  2. What a beautiful post, Ralph. "Certainly having uncertainties"--I like that. I agree that our uncertainties can uncover fears, which we may choose to acknowledge graciously, as you are doing.

  3. Writing any of my own uncertainties does help to make me feel good, even just for a moment, and listening to music is really good too.

    Christi, i do hope you could visit my new team blog, if you already have, i thank you.


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