Berries of Few Words

Today's ordinary thing: berries. Instead of using words today, I'm choosing pictures. All it takes is a walk and a camera to open up new appreciation of the visual world. The berries above shimmered gold along the trail. Up close I saw they were actually yellow with red speckles.

Unidentified green somethings.

Happy pinky red berries.

Salmon berries. Sunny and plump, but I doubt they're ripe yet.


Red has so many moods. This one is summer punch at a party.

Finally, an eating berry! My favorite, the thimble berry - also known as the paper berry. Tart and sweet, with a pleasant seedy crunch that reminds me of a kiwi fruit. I could nibble these all day.

I liked not having names for all the berries. I could see them for what they were. When you use fewer words and more pictures, it gives your imagination some play room.

What is your favorite berry? Describe the shape, color, taste. As well, notice the beauty of berries that aren't edible. Make up the name of a berry you don't know.

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