A God-given Talent

"They can steal like no other people on this Earth. It's their special God-given talent." --from Scribbling the Cat, by Alexandra Fuller
I loved Fuller's memoir, Don't Let's Go To the Dogs Tonight, and I'm finally getting around to Scribbling the Cat. I love the adventures, the descriptions, the rich body language of the characters as they dialogue. I am learning of a war-torn landscape on a continent I've read too little about, as Fuller tells the story of her travels with K, a battle-scarred soldier revisiting old battlefields. At one point, a fellow soldier is complaining about the sneaky, thieving border patrol at Mozambique, and he expounds on their uncanny ability to steal, trying to convince the narrator just how terrible they are. He has no better words to describe this thievery than by saying it's a "God-given talent." I laughed out loud.

The line mixes up something corrupt with something beautiful, and in this case, the result is humor.

What's the last thing you read that made you laugh out loud?

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