Surrender and Surprise

Surrender begets surprise.

I'm "rendering" something within, "prising" it from the universe until it is made manifest.

And what a gift it is.

For I'm learning, things don't work the way I think they should work.

My thinking brain thinks its thinks; it schemes and plans and outlines--
but my heart discovers, excavates, and unfolds.

I try to Get Things Done, but I barely do more than accumulate lists of tasks. When I finally let go, surrendering to a bigger plan and process, I will become aware all at once that I have achieved something - written a book, crafted a poem, invented a dessert - without any striving at all.

A controlled life is stifled and dry, yet contains the illusion of safety. A life of surrender, though, holds delight and surprise.

Where are you resisting the wonderful invitation to surrender?

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  1. Thank God in a way that I am no longer who I was, but I am not yet who I will be, therefore, let me strive to be who I am.

    Easy to think, say and write but hard to do? No. Not hard.

    This is surrender. This is surprise. We are process not completion. We are progress and not static.

    Never can I stop and claim I am me. I am always me and never me. I am process. I am surrender.


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