Messy Handwriting

Today's ordinary thing is messy handwriting. It's what I observed in my journal one morning...

My 4:00 am pages are dashed off. The letters lope and slope. They crook and pull. No lovely inks. No sweet doodles. No fountain pen or even rollerball, fine point. (Not to put too fine a point on it.) What I do: sow raw ideas and reap the mess and dirt of digging along with the vines and the finds and the groundfruit.
I do think we spend entirely too much time fussing over the details, such as the look of our handwriting. In fact, more of us would write by hand if we could become friendlier with those scrawly critters moving across the page.

Dash off a messy impromptu thought by hand. Put it on the bathroom mirror. Teach yourself to like it just the way it is.


  1. This is a wonderful post!

    All of my writing starts with pen and paper - it is how I 'see' my ideas. I find it a beautiful way to transfer my thoughts; although I do have a chaos of paper everywhere! Maybe that mirrors my mind...

    Thank you - I will embrace it.

  2. I think i do spend a lot of time on the look of my handwriting, so i guess i'd rather type it up, to look good, apart from yes, when i want to jot down what i thought for a moment and then to read it again later makes me think - what's this word i wrote!

    great thought as usual.

  3. Loved it!

    I'll invite my friends to post pictures of their writing journals - mine is soooo messy! And I draw and doodle in addition to writing! I'll post the picture idea by the morning, and refer to you. :P

    By the way let me introduce myself: I'm Kenia, I'm from Brazil and it was lovely Janet Jarrell who visited my blog this week and said 'you'll like this' and here I am.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Kiss you!

  4. I like the feel of writing by hand. I used to think I couldn't write any other way. But I've give in to the modern world and I use the computer for everything.

    Now my handwriting looks great! :)

    Nice ideas here.
    Bring Back Pluto


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