Water Under The Bridge

Monday's ordinary thing is water under the bridge. The saying refers to a thing that is gone, or an incident that is done. It is irrevocable. Water under the bridge cannot be called back. Never to return, it bears its droplets away to bigger streams, rivers, and out to sea.

Is there an event you sigh over and say, "That's all water under the bridge now"--? Ah, but although the thing has happened just as it has, it can return to you in another form: in a memory, a story, or perhaps a poem or drawing.

What is your water under the bridge?


  1. Oh, the list is long. I am thankful I am a writer, experiences often turn into something else for me, journal entries, poems, sometimes a really good dinner.

  2. I have many and write them in my own twisted English kind a way, but feels good after and then I'll laugh when reading them again - some I lost but they're still in my head.

  3. I've always said "water over the dam," but I guess that's not nearly as common a variation.


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