Spaghetti Feelings

Today's ordinary thing is spaghetti. Last week I made myself and a writing client a random list of things we would write about on the spot. We were just getting to the word "spaghetti" when I received a phone call with some discouraging news. It all wound around in my mind while I wrote:
Oodles of noodles. Squiggles of noodles and who knows where they'll go, what to do with them? I wish I knew what was what. A bowlful of squiggly noodles I don't know how to eat - squirmy, wormy. What's next? What's down below, in the bowl?

Long slithery noodles buried in spaghetti sauce and at this present moment I can't see the end of a single strand.

Well, sometimes it's best if you let go of the noodle. Lick the sauce from your face, laugh a little, look around and realize you are okay.

There are dark saucy shadows under the loops and knots. And I am all right this here spaghetti minute. "Now hold on, one red spaghetti minute!" All is well.
And so I was able to both finish my "practice writing" and talk myself out of worry at the same time. Slurp.

Write about spaghetti. Toss in fresh emotion.

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  1. Spaghetti

    Slippery noodles in red sauce.
    Tasty, toasty garlicized French bread all buttery hot.
    Mushrooms and chuncks of this and yummy that spice.
    A messy masterpiece of happy food.
    Slirp it up drippng or twirl it neat before you eat but try not to cut it into bit-sizes.

    That ain't no fun!


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