My Hope

Here's Val Wagner's take on hope, a beautiful piece . . .

I am having a hard time with you, hope. Sometimes it seems like another life, when you were by my side or even a few paces in front of me. I can see you then - wide-eyed, full of wonder and fun. You would raise your eyebrow at my concern and like a mime imitate my reluctance. If I didn’t follow, you would come behind and push me forward; causing me to move ahead blindly but still assuring me you were there even when I was unsure of which way I would go.

Sometimes you were inside me, like a giggle. My eyes were your eyes as we looked out at the world of possibilities and opportunities and all the adventures there were to be had.

I am not sure exactly how we lost contact. I took a quick turn down a winding road that led to lost dreams and disappointment but you were still there. It wasn’t in the taking of chances that you left me but somewhere in the weary settling for less, in the bleak drudgery and joyless repetition of responsibilities and commitments. The elusive shadow of reality hides its face behind a grim snarl and points its gnarly finger at me, reminding me yet again that those things are no longer possible.

I find myself now, before this darkened, dusty mirror alone, looking for my self and for you. --by Valerie Wagner

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