I continue to find it interesting to paint small pictures of small things. I have also decided to go ahead and keep my pet word, tiny. I like it. We get along.

Hmm, well, this last picture has a mountain in it, so maybe it's not technically in the same category, but it is still a tiny painting.

Do something tiny, and share it here!


  1. I like tiny. I recently went through a photography class where all of us were getting swept up in "larger is better" and printing all our pictures as large as we could afford to. True, some on them benefited from the larger size. I decided to do a portrait of my son 2'' by 3'' with an 8x10 white mat. Everyone was forced to get up from their seats and approach the wall to see the details in the photo. That was my point. The smaller something is, the closer you look at it.

    You obviously know this and do it very well with your paintings.

    Great job!

  2. Raul, I appreciate having insightful creators like you around. Thanks for the great story and comment. I love that, "The smaller something is, the closer you look at it."


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