No Excuses

Barb, a Wildfire Writer in our Tuesday class, is writing a funny and insightful book about weight loss. Today's chapter had to do with all the excuses a person uses for not dieting.

Writers, likewise, have many excuses for not writing. Here's an entry from my voice journal, in which I had a little chat with myself about making excuses.

January 8, 2010
I have to say that what’s keeping me from writing is myself. I’ve had many excuses (sigh), as to why I don’t stretch myself to my writing potential. My latest excuse? My writing coaching business. Giving service to others. It’s true, my schedule can challenge me, but I don't really have an excuse.

I am avoiding writing because I am avoiding writing. I'm not always willing to work that hard.

Being honest takes a lot of courage; it means I take responsibility for how I spend my time. Another excuse is being a mom. “Can't write! I have to drive B somewhere!” Mmmn, no. I can reconfigure things. There are other ways to do things, other means of transportation, and plenty of helpers when I ask.

There’s something in me that says my need to write isn't as important as other people's needs. There's a conception that my business is the priority, and that my writing is always lesser. This isn't true though, because my business has sprung forth from my writing. My own creating has always come first, and must continue to do so.

Now, if I had a writing boss, I would not let regular interruptions happen. The needs of my family would still be met, but at other times, and not always by me. If I had a job that required me to be at my desk at 8:30 am, I would be there, not driving B, not working at my second job, not doing anything else.

See an excuse for what it is. Christi, you have all the opportunities you need. Sieze the time that you have. Maybe you’re not always comfortable. Maybe you're tired or busy or distracted - but you can do it!

I don’t need a different life. I just need to follow through with what I know every day, saying no to things, and taking hold of opportunities.

I guess this pep talk worked. Last week I clocked in 20 hours of writing!

So what are your excuses, and what would it take to put them out of commission?

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