Scared of Talent

I've met some writers who were incredibly talented, but were terrified to write. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Once I talked with a self-taught artist at a signing of his book. He looked me in the eye and lowered his voice as if about to convey a great secret. "Thing is," he said, "most people are afraid to be really good. Don't be afraid to be really good."

Excel today without fear.


  1. Great reminder! I'm always afraid I won't be able to write as well as I did . . . yesterday. Or the day before. So I don't write. How stupid is that?

  2. Thanks for the nudge, Christi. I just wrote something today in my journal about why I don't write more...

    The enthusiasm of others who really don't know me well seems to set an impossibly high bar--and some days I can't find the pole to make the vault!

  3. Christi,
    Great post! I have to admit, that the self-doubt beast is always lurking.

    You have made a great point.

    I am not a great writer ... but I strive to be. I have written some great things ... but they didn't start out that way.

    I just strive to be better tomorrow than I am today. And maybe, one day, I will be a great writer.


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