What about your own handwriting? Love it or hate it, write about how it feels to use it.


  1. I absolutely love writing longhand. In fact, I have treated myself to a small collection of nice rollerball and fountain pens to enhance the experience. I am creative, sensitive and moody, so my handwriting does vary occasionally. But for the most part it is pretty consistent, and a little like yours.

    This might sound weird, but I often find myself stopping to admire someone's handwriting when I see some that is exceptionally attractive. Most of the time it is the handwriting of a woman. For some reason, it seems, a lot of men either have bad handwriting or block print. Of course, it doesn't help that they don't teach it in school anymore. I guess the only exception to that is Catholic school. I know they still emphasize handwriting excellence.

    Nice post!

  2. As a handwriting analyst in a time when we are being herded more and more to keyboarding, I'm always pleased to see people who appreciate handwriting. Handwriting will never die out, though; there are so many reasons why we need to use it. Besides, it's a highly personal expression of who you are inside, and it changes to reflect how you integrate various life experiences over time.

    To Raul's comment about men using a block printed style: Cursive handwriting is no longer taught in public schools. Printing is, but only briefly. This lack contributes to learning disorders, but that's another story. The handwriting of the time reflects the culture.


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