Halloween Treat

Halloween Treat
by Judy Fox, Wildfire Writer

One night I went abroad to find a treat.
A group of ghouls down at the corner sat.
Two pumpkins cast long shadows in the street;
A witch in robe and big black pointed hat
Approached me in the bright light of the moon.
In silence six white spirits drifted by.
I prayed that I might find my treat quite soon--
I shook with nerves afraid that I might die!
A wailing sound so sad assailed my ears.
I cowered 'neath a tree as brusque winds blew.
My eyes were wide, my cheeks aglow with tears;
That's when the ghost slipped by and hollered, "Boo!"
Home I ran, but no meal could I eat
Vowing nevermore to seek a midnight sweet.

This clever poem is in the form of a Shakespearean sonnet. Thanks for sharing, Judy!

Try your hand at a sonnet.

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