Mystery of the Rain Bonnet

The Kindling post "Rain Bonnet" has gotten umpteen hits from around the world. I'm not sure why, but I think it's because the European rain bonnet refers to the hood of a car or some such mechanical thing. It has nothing to do with this blog.

But of course it does. Our creative challenge is to use what we are given. As the old song goes, "Love the one you're with." What I've been given here is an opportunity to address those googlers of rain bonnets.

Oh, Rain Bonnet Seeker. What is this rain bonnet you seek, and why? What will you do with it? Shall it protect you from the rain while in your trusty vehicle? Shall it shield and comfort you? And how is it that you have traveled these thousands of cyber-miles, braving the dark mysteries and storms of the Internet, to land here on my doorstep shivering in the cold and the mist, hands outstretched, eyes staring. "Rain bonnet," you mutter. "Rain bonnet. . . "

Someone strange turns up on your doorstep, a visitor seeking someone or something you don't know of. Or perhaps you nearly stumble over an item: a lumpy gift, a package addressed to someone else. What will you do with it?

Will you make the best of it, write a poem about it, take a moment to laugh about it? At the very least, acknowledge that you've been given this odd gift.

Rain bonnets off to you.

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  1. I always love it when this happens to me. (Which is seldom!)

    It's considerably less charming, though, when it happens to my husband. He named his blog using only his initials and blank spaces(S_ M_). Yikes.


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