Sharon's Fear of Sharing

Once I met a tall, dramatic woman who wanted to be writer. “I can only write one or two sentences at a time,” said Sharon. She kept shifting on her feet, and her raven hair jiggled. “My words are all bottled up. I need help. A class, maybe. I’m thinking about a Wildfire Writing class . . . ”

I began to describe my approach in Wildfire Writing, but before I could get the words out, she blurted, “But I can’t do a touchy-feely class. It’s not a touchy feely class, is it?”

“Yes,” I said. “If you put it that way, it is. It will help you get in touch with what you need to say.”

“Hmmm, no,” said Sharon, shaking her head, and before I knew it she had bounced out of the room. I understood. “And that,” I said to the air, “is why you can’t write more than one or two sentences.” She was terrified of that touchy feely side, the very thing that would help her express herself on paper.

Are you willing to go beyond a "comfortable" level of sharing, in order to write your heart out?

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