The Joy of Not Being A Perfectionist

Desk Envy from Yuvi Zalkow on Vimeo.

I thank God for non-perfectionists like Yuvi and his non-minimalist, un-handmade desk. (Click through to see video.) If I'm going to be happy in my life of having outdoor adventures, writing (literary fiction, poetry, memoir, children's fiction, nonfiction), romancing my husband, mommying, running a business, and being an artist, perfectionism is not going to fly. I can forget about the perfect desk, the perfect system, the perfect anything. As long as it works, and it's not crappy, then it works. Here's my at-home desk:

Actually, I like it pretty good. Even if there are challenges, such as the fact the room is really a dining room (once a year), and isn't enclosed. This makes it hard to work when other people are around. Something I can fix. Sometime. When I have an extra room to move to. Also I should get around to repairing the defunct printer in the far corner. Getting cord organizers for the labyrinthine tangle of electrical cords on the floor. (Not pictured--are you kidding? Total transparency is fine for neurotic Jewish novelists*, but sheesh...)

Anyway, here's a random list of things I'm currently not doing, or doing so minimally that non-perfectionism reigns - hallelujah: Making my bed. (Only every few days.)Having friends for dinner. (There are so many lovely restaurants and coffee houses in the world.) Washing my car. (Given the cloud cover, you can't see the dirt until July.) Going to church. (Mostly I just carry the church around with me.) Sending birthday gifts. (Sorry, my darling niece, Z!) Dusting. (Since the cat died, there is only faint residual cat fur, and sort-of-cleanish dust.)

The great part is I have time for other stuff. Like the creative stuff. The work I enjoy. Prayers. Hugs and kisses. Sharing community with others. Exercise. Journaling. Making yummy food, and subsequently devouring it.

We all have to decide what's truly important in our lives, and what isn't. Hey, that's the true minimalism - nevermind office decor.

*Those were Yuvi's own words, but he's brilliant, funny and kind.


  1. Christi! So great to read your post. And flattered that you'd mention me and my video in your post.... It's nice to read the little details of your own world -- broken printers and unmade beds and all the rest -- and the great place where you land amidst all this non-perfectionism... ~yuvi

  2. Thanks Yuvi! Looking forward to your next video, where you always provide inspiration in a roundabout, funny way - so great!


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