Time for All

Many creative people don't have enough time to do all the things they want to do. This frustration can lead to an all-or-nothing position: "Fine. If I can't do my ballroom dance competitions and sing in choir and write haiku, then I won't do any of it."

Or, the constraints of time can lead to a frenetic whirlwind, in which the creator spins out thirteen different creations at once, accomplishing mostly nothing.

In short, focusing on the lack of time hinders creating.

I once read Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One. The book had me decide on four areas of creating. Then, I was to estimate how many years I expect to live, mapping out when to focus on these areas. Amazingly, the calculations showed plenty of time to do what I want with my life.

Whenever lack-of-time chokes my thinking, I respond by "checking out." I defy time by doing something timeless - painting, meditating, hiking. When I return to this world of time, refreshed, the real me isn't locked into the turnings of the planets. I'm bigger than seasons, years...time. My creative spirit is unbounded - and I'm more capable of bringing my creative ideas into this finite reality.

What would it look like, if you really believed you had time for creating? Would you make different choices? Would you start something you've been afraid to start?What are the most important things you want to do with all your time?

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