Ten Minute Trick for Writing

Just ten minutes. Set a timer for ten minutes and start writing. Nevermind "getting ready" - the preparation that makes us feel more oriented and comfortable. Nevermind about your perfect writing spot or premeditating your ideas.* When the bell dings, walk away.

The thing is, we have it in our minds that creating should be comfortable. It isn't. Often our analytical sides rail against the discomfort of being thrown into the creative zone. Being nice and comfortable are not conducive to boundless creativity.

Use this ten minutes like a powerful stretching exercise. Use any of the prompts to get you started.

*Don't worry, you can still have your cozy writing times, spaces and places too.

Thanks for sending me all the half-page bits of writing! Keep 'em coming: christi krug at yahoo. (No attachments, please.)

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