Your Mission Statement

My oldest daughter, whom I'm so very proud of, is serving out the summer as a missionary. Interesting, she's only in one country at a time. How many of us act as if our mission is all over the place, scattered, all at once? Well, sometimes I do. Having a mission statement brings me back where I belong.

Mission Statement. One line or paragraph, on paper, reminds you what you love to do, and exactly how this purpose fits into your life. It may also help you avoid the trap of creating, painting, or writing things you don't really want to. Silly as it sounds, people start projects they shouldn't. They write things they shouldn't. Their explanations: "Well, I started the story about Aunt Tildie's hernia operation/clam bake, and now I have to finish it!" Or "I heard that speaker on crime fiction, and though I don't like crime fiction, thought I'd better learn how to do it . . . "

Don't try to be every kind of artist or writer there is in the world. Choose the projects that draw you, speak to you. Pick your country. Be there, serve.

Who is the person you most want to speak to with your work? Write or draw a character sketch of this one human being you imagine.

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