Neurotica! Creating a new genre, with Yuvi Zalkow

Now that I'm done with my latest book, I mosey over to Yuvi Zalkow's site so I can:

1) loosen up
2) stop taking myself so seriously
3) get insights about the writing process
4) remember there are kind, funny writers out there
5) laugh

His latest Scribbling Bucket video makes a very good point.

And with his book, A Brilliant Novel in the Works, Yuvi goes to outlandish (and some would say, off-color) places, meta-fictional zones where we aren't sure what is happening in real-time and what is fiction.

He totally breaks through tired norms of what a novel should look like.

In fact, I'd say Yuvi Zalkow has invented his own genre. As the neurotic hero struggles with hangups of communication, sex, and shame, the novel enters new territory.

I'm calling it neurotica.

Yuvi, thanks for not trying to be anybody else.

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