You Don't See the Ghost At First: A Chapbook

There comes a time when you're ready to follow through, complete, publish, finish. After decades of compiling dozens of files and piles of poems, I'm finally creating books. Here's the first, a chapbook, You Don't See the Ghost At First.

This is a collection of flash-autobiographical pieces and poems, a tiny montage of images surrounding the child I once was.

Here is "Happy Baby" from the collection.

Happy Baby

Lie on your back, she says.
Breathe big with your belly.
With each hand, grab a big toe:
This is our final pose

But I’m no puppy, I think
Ridiculous, exposed
Unsafe, to open to the sky, to anybody
Mother always said, Keep your legs closed

I lie down in the cold
Hold big silly toes
Break grip, fall out
Roll, smoothing a kinked spine

I can drop anything, let go, hold on
Gigantic belly looming, laughing
Limbs loosed from all they carry—
A cradle I never knew.


  1. How thrilling! My only complaint from taking your classes was that I never got to hear as much of your work as I wanted to. Can't wait to read more.

  2. Gyp, thank you. I'm learning how I've been my own barrier to following through on many things, and I'm putting myself out there even more. These are timely lessons, because I can encourage others to be brave, too.


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