To Toot or Not to Toot?

"He that tooteth not his own horn, the same shall not be tooted." --from Sandi, a Wildfire Writer.
As a writing coach, I am constantly asking others to celebrate their accomplishments, not diminish them. I nudge and encourage writers to speak up, to read, to stop diminishing what they've done. Yet when it comes to my own work, I don't say a lot.

Some years ago, I gave up seeking the approval of friends and family and let my approach to writing be one of quiet simplicity and solitude. I still find this freeing and necessary. Yet it doesn't mean clamming up. I'm beginning to change my tendency to withhold, thanks to the prodding of my friend, the accomplished poet Sage Cohen, author of Writing the Life Poetic.

I began listing links here on my blog. I pushed myself to volunteer at readings, to share poems and stories. Even though it takes me out of my comfort zone, being vocal and visible is an important practice. It opens new doors of service. It's a way of building community.

Tooting one's horn makes a joyful sound, just right for starting a party. C'mon and toot with me.

Tell someone about a recent accomplishment.


  1. YES! So well said! Tooting one's horn makes a joyful sound -- and it inspires others to sing along. Why not celebrate the good stuff with the people who adore us? Life is so much juicier that way...

  2. Could not agree with you more. My own horn has always been an instrument that I've had difficulty playing. I am learning, through practice, to play it better. No one can hear our literary music if we don't toot our own horns.

    Excellent post!

  3. Toot, toot for you! I think we are always the most effective when we practice what we preach.

  4. I went to see a possible home today by myself. My real estate agent went with me. (I am happy she is not my unreal estate agent.)

    I decided by myself not to get this one.

    I will look at another place tomorrow and decide by myself if I can, if I can decide on my own again. I hope I can.


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